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    1. He’s Been So Good To Me
    2. Bless Your Holy Name Again
    3. There’s A Testimony
    4. Look For Me At Jesus Feet
    5. Wonderful Day
    6. He’ll Do It Again
    7. Still
    8. Seed of The Righteous
    9. Even So Come
    10. I’ll Never Sail Alone
    11. Pray Through Me
    12. Hymn Medley


      1. img_4506Let My Life Make A Difference
      2. Hand Of The Healer
      3. Rocks Droppin’
      4. When Jesus Comes
      5. Not What I Am
      6. When They Ring The Bells of Heaven
      7. Give Me Just A Little Bit More
      8. I Want My Stage To Be An Altar
      9. Do It By The Book
      10. When The Music Starts To Play



      1. 11070135_661100730662394_82270504610416707_nWhen We All Get Together With The Lord
      2. The Brush
      3. I’ve Got A Love
      4. Your Blesser Ain’t Never Been Blessed
      5. He Still Speaks
      6. A Little Down Payment
      7. You’re Not Alone
      8. What I Have
      9. Broken Vessel
      10. Sing A Song About Jesus
      11. He’s More Than Enough
      12. Jesus Can
      13. God’s Gonna Shake This Place
      14. When He Was On The Cross
      15. Coming Down
      16. I’m Longing For Home
      17. Let The Hallelujah’s Roll


      1. Based On A True Story
      2. Just Another Hill
      3. It’s Still In The Book
      4. He Saw It All
      5. Ready To Go
      6. Grand And Glorious Savior
      7. The Lighthouse (Intro by Jim Glasco)
      8. I’ll Never Sail Alone
      9. Pray Through Me
      10. His Cross For A Crown
      11. I Stand Redeemed
      12. I Will Go On
      13. In Less Than A Moment
      14. We’ll Meet Again
      15. I Know That I’m Saved
      16. Ten Thousand Years
      17. Through Me The Cross Lives On
      18. On The Road To Emmaus


    1. img_4505Wonderful Day
    2. Seed Of The Righteous
    3. The Blood Paid For It All
    4. He’ll Do It Again
    5. In Less Than A Moment
    6. My Soul Has Been Set Free
    7. Come Out With Your Hands Up
    8. Even So Come
    9. So Glad He Knows Me
    10. We’ll Meet Again
    11. God’s Been Good