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Thursday, November 26, 2009

Last Saturday we sang in Vermontville, MI at Kalamo United Methodist Church. This was the second time we had a chance to sing for this church. We had a great concert and the cookies after the concert sure hit the spot.

Sunday morning we sang at Reading Nazarene Church. This was our second visit this year. We were blessed to be there for their Harvest Dinner. Wow, what a spread they had. Those people certainly know how to cook. Sunday night we were off and that doesn't happen very often. It was great to get home early to our families.

Please keep Roy in your prayers. He's doing better but he was really sick and wasn't able to be with us last weekend.

Have a happy Thanksgiving and remember to give thanks to God for everything he has and continues to give to us.


Sunday, November 15, 2009

I'm really behind on posting this...this is about last weekend's events. We had this weekend off. Last weekend was full of singing. Saturday night Shem and Rich Koutz and Pam and I were in Roseville for an Encore Productions concert featuring The Talleys, Legacy Five and Greater Vision. Victor had a great crowd and the performances were awesome.

Sunday morning we were at one of our favorite places, Hilltop Church of God in Flint. The Royalheirs were formed in October 1995 and our first visit to Hilltop was in November 1995 for their annual Harvest Service. We have been back every November for the past 15 years. We love Pastor and Mrs. Warson, Freda and Galen Southen and the rest of the congregation. Thank you for being so faithful in your support of our ministry and we look forward to being back in 2010.

Sunday afternoon we had a few hours before our evening concert and made the mistake of going to Genesee Valley Mall. When we arrived we saw a lot of young people going into the mall and found it was to see a rap group called Young Boys (I think that's their name). At one point a group of girls thought that our bus was for the group and were very suprised when Shem stuck his head out of the door. He was definitely not the one they came to see and were very disappointed.

Sunday night we were in Mt. Morris at Colonial Hills Baptist. The last time we were there it was the original trio of Skip, Duane and myself (at least 11 or 12 yrs. ago). We had a great crowd and hope to be back before another 11 or 12 years pass. We also had bus troubles on Sunday night and it had to go in the shop. Hopefully it will be out before we sing next weekend. Please keep all the local groups in your prayers..The Calvarymen and Gospelmen have had major bus problems this month. I guess it was our turn.

Until next time,



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The ROYALHEIRS hail from Flint, Michigan and organized in the fall of 1995 for the primary purpose of praising the Lord through the singing of " Southern Gospel Music". Their music has a quality that puts the emphasis on ministering through music. Music that blends harmony with soul stirring words that are a welcome change of pace from other forms of music. Just as their name implies, each ROYALHEIR is an Heir to Godly Royalty. Each member has a glowing testimony that will radiate during their musical presentation. Each member has an extensive background in Gospel Music. Each has committed themselves to sharing their talents in this unique way and have been instrumental in uplifting and blessing many people in their concerts throughout Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, Wisconsin and wherever the Lord leads.

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