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Sunday, September 23, 2007

Thought you all might enjoy a picture showing how much fun Jeff Hawks is when he travels. Actually, he and Kory are just as lively and funny on extended trips as they are when you meet them in person. This was our first trip together and Chuck and I had a great time with them both at The National Quartet Convention. Jeff had a great time getting pictures from all the groups for his studio. I was a little concerned about him becoming a stalker when he was trying to get all their autographs. (Just kidding!) We ran into several of our friends from Michigan and The Calvarymen and Gospelmen both had booths and performed in showcases.
On a more serious note, I'm sad to let you all know that before we left for Louisville, Jerry White's dad passed away. He had fought a long battle with cancer. Please keep all of Jerry's family in your prayers, especially his mom, Bev who within a two year span has lost her aunt, mother, father and now her husband.

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Well, I don't know how many gospel concerts you've been to but I would have to guess that you have never been at one where there was anyone, much less one of the singers, wearing a collander on his head. The very talented and always entertaining Mr. Hawks explained the kitchenware on his head like this, "Duane told me last time I sang this song that I was straining so I thought I should wear this." We never know where the service will go with the RoyalHeirs. The past two weekends have been great services at beautiful campgrounds with grand old buildings that remind me of something you'd see in a Gaither video. The guys had great weekends filled with awesome groups and great fellowship at both Bayshore Campgrounds in Sebewaing and Brown City Missionary Campgrounds in Brown City. The other picture is of our good friend, Phil Parkin singing with the guys on some old time quartet songs. In true quartet style music, you always have a piano player and another good friend (and the man who started The Gospelmen and The RoyalHeirs) did the honors...Skip Overly. Please keep us all in your prayers as we have another busy weekend coming up and leave a week from today for Kentucky for The National Quartet Convention.



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Name: The Royalheirs
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The ROYALHEIRS hail from Flint, Michigan and organized in the fall of 1995 for the primary purpose of praising the Lord through the singing of " Southern Gospel Music". Their music has a quality that puts the emphasis on ministering through music. Music that blends harmony with soul stirring words that are a welcome change of pace from other forms of music. Just as their name implies, each ROYALHEIR is an Heir to Godly Royalty. Each member has a glowing testimony that will radiate during their musical presentation. Each member has an extensive background in Gospel Music. Each has committed themselves to sharing their talents in this unique way and have been instrumental in uplifting and blessing many people in their concerts throughout Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, Wisconsin and wherever the Lord leads.

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