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Monday, May 07, 2007

What a weekend! The guys sang Friday night in Frankenmuth with a quartet called Safe Harbor from North Carolina. Unfortunately, their bass singer had been in a very serious car accident a couple weeks ago, developed complications and was hospitalized just before they left for Michigan. The above pictures show our very own bass singer, Jerry auditioning for their group. Just kidding!!! I don't think Jerry has any intentions of leaving The Royalheirs and it's a good thing because we would hunt him down and drag him back.

It was a tough weekend for Jerry and his family. His beloved grandpa, Leland "Doc" York passed away last week. His grandfather was a great lover of music (all music but especially quartet music). I don't think I've ever been to a more beautiful tribute. The guys sang two songs and another song was sung by Jerry's brother, Paul. Friends and family spoke of their memories with Doc and how he touched their lives. When one of your own is mourning, you feel their pain and wish you could do more to comfort them and all of us in The Royalheirs' family were glad we could be there with Jerry and his family.



Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Here are some photos from our trip last weekend to Indiana. Our new bus is not quite road ready yet so we all crammed into Jerry's van. If you think they sometimes get a little crazy on stage you should see how crazy they are when they're all cooped up for a long ride. There was definitely a lot of laughing going on. In the pictures you may notice an unfamiliar face. The handsome young man (well younger than the rest) is Jerry's brother, Paul White. Paul is a gifted songwriter and soloist who also works part-time for The Gaithers in Indiana. We picked him up on our way to Crawfordsville and he sang a few songs at the church on Sunday morning. When we dropped him back off, he gave us a tour of Gaither's Studio. It was really awesome to see all their awards and photos of the current and past recording artists for the gospel music industry. Paul will be will us at some of our concerts this summer. If you're able, you need to come out and hear him. You will blessed!
Our biggest excitement from last week was the completion of our new project. The Grand Old Story is the first recording project for Jeff Hawks and it was fun to see him so excited when he heard Donny Cox from Quartet Time on WSNL play him on the radio for the first time. If you're interested in purchasing the new cd and won't be at one of our concerts anytime soon, you could send us a check or money order for $18.50 ($15.00 for cd & $3.50 shipping) made payable to The Royalheirs, P.O. Box 31, Capac, MI 48014.
Hope to see you soon at one of our upcoming concerts.




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Name: The Royalheirs
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The ROYALHEIRS hail from Flint, Michigan and organized in the fall of 1995 for the primary purpose of praising the Lord through the singing of " Southern Gospel Music". Their music has a quality that puts the emphasis on ministering through music. Music that blends harmony with soul stirring words that are a welcome change of pace from other forms of music. Just as their name implies, each ROYALHEIR is an Heir to Godly Royalty. Each member has a glowing testimony that will radiate during their musical presentation. Each member has an extensive background in Gospel Music. Each has committed themselves to sharing their talents in this unique way and have been instrumental in uplifting and blessing many people in their concerts throughout Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, Wisconsin and wherever the Lord leads.

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