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Thursday, January 04, 2007

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! The Royalheirs and their families would all like to wish you and yours a very happy and blessed 2007. The guys sang again this year on New Year's Eve at Cass City High School with The Calvarymen, Gospelmen and Dennis Gwisdala. This year was the 40th anniversary for the event. If you've never been, you need to make it a point of being there next year.
It's been such a long while since I have published any news. Between surgeries, illnesses and the holidays, I've fallen behind. As many of you know, Chuck had weight loss surgery just before Thanksgiving. He's doing very well and has lost 51 lbs. since leaving the hospital and 81 lbs. since we started this whole process a year ago.
The guys are going to be back in the studio starting next week to finish their newest project. They have been practicing some of the new songs at their recents concerts and they have been very well received.
We have many exciting concerts coming up this year. The first big event for 2007 is a concert we're calling, "Flint's Finest". It will feature The Royalheirs, Gospelmen and Calvarymen. There will also be a very special guest group, The Perrys. They have won many awards and are a true blessing to gospel music. Please make sure to get your tickets. We'd love to see you all there. For more information, give Chuck a call at (810) 395-4977.





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Name: The Royalheirs
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The ROYALHEIRS hail from Flint, Michigan and organized in the fall of 1995 for the primary purpose of praising the Lord through the singing of " Southern Gospel Music". Their music has a quality that puts the emphasis on ministering through music. Music that blends harmony with soul stirring words that are a welcome change of pace from other forms of music. Just as their name implies, each ROYALHEIR is an Heir to Godly Royalty. Each member has a glowing testimony that will radiate during their musical presentation. Each member has an extensive background in Gospel Music. Each has committed themselves to sharing their talents in this unique way and have been instrumental in uplifting and blessing many people in their concerts throughout Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, Wisconsin and wherever the Lord leads.

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